FieldEquip brings intelligence to the Oilfield through connected field service, IoT data collection, monitoring and prescriptive analytics

Field Equip History

The Rich History of FieldEquip

FieldEquip is the product of software solutions architect and product development company Bursys. Bursys employs a 125 person global resource team. From Bursys, FieldEquip was formed with the accumulated knowledge and expertise of more than a decade of working with major Oil and Gas companies.

Highly Capable Software Solutions

FieldEquip was founded on Bursys’ experience and deep domain expertise working in the oil and gas industry. FieldEquip skills and competencies revolve around system integration and technology consulting. With our hands-on experience in the petrochemical industry, we created   comprehensive oil and gas software for resource management solutions.

The result has been the development of oilfield service software that includes a decade of knowledge in the industry built in. It is a robust system that integrates real time monitoring, business intelligence for field operations and field service management.

Technological Superiority

The developers behind FieldEquip’s oil and gas resource management software utilized multiple technologies to create an innovative solution for today’s oil and gas industry. Software development capabilities in the fields of data analytics, data engineering, machine learning and mobility provide a powerful product.

Over the time of development of the system, FieldEquip combined workflow automation, equipment data collection and analytics to provide an oil and gas field service solution. The resulting oil and gas software for field service has been received with great success.

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