FieldEquip is engineered to empower its clients. We fulfil our clients’ requirements end-to-end. We help in two phases:

  • Collect and analyze data.
  • Draw insights to predict any unforeseeable events.

In the bottom line, we have been able to minimize downtime and operating expenses, ensure safety and compliances, and optimize process operations.

Work Order Management

Give meaning to your Work Order and assign clear goals

Field E-Ticketing

Digitize your Field Tickets and manage them smartly

IoT Monitoring

Monitor your operations smartly and focus only on your critical tasks

Mobile Field Service Management

Manage your workers and resources directly from mobile

Predictive & Preventive Maintenance

Fix your issue before your issues fixes you

Scheduling & Dispatch

Perform scheduling of the resources from anywhere without disruption

Field Inventory Management

Track static and mobile inventory, and avoid any associated delay time

Smart Contracts

Check compliance agreement without surfing from a pile and reduce non-billable hours

Quoting Management

Generate and compare quotes, and convert them directly to Work Orders

Personnel Timekeeping

Avoid over-booking and under-booking by managing your personnel well

Geo-tracking & Geo-fencing

Keep automatic tracking of workers, assets and rental equipment


Track your costs, generate invoices for multiple vendors in one click

Reports & Dashboards

Make use of our in-built dashboard and customize it as you desire